Johnny Khoo Sensei (2023)

Few years ago, I received a call while I was having a casual walk at Penang hill. I could barely hear the other end, perhaps it was due to weak phone signal reception. Then, a lady took over the call saying Mr. Johnny Khoo was keen to meet me.

Mr. Johnny Khoo and I met at Penang Golf Club few days later. Chatted for hours about martial arts and his personal encounter with Aikido. I felt his tremendous love and passion for Japanese martial arts. Later he invited me to teach at his Judo dojo.

Since then, we have met almost every month at his residence, dojo, golf club or somewhere nearby. He shared his experience, stories and vision for martial arts.

I was grateful to have met a great Judo Sensei and a wonderful friend. Farewell, Johnny Sensei.

JM Pang

13 February 2023

*Dato' Johnny Khoo Sensei passed away peacefully on 11 Feb 2023