May and June 2015 Classes Schedule and Events

Post date: May 1, 2015 8:51:19 AM

Dear all,

Please take note of the classes schedule and events in May and June 2015.


3rd May 2015: TSN Dojo close.

6th-7th May 2015: BM Dojo, Priority Fitness Self Defense class and K2K Dojo are close.

16th May 2015 (8:30pm-10:00pm): TSN Dojo special class by Dr. Leong Sensei.

17th May 2015 (2:30pm-6:00pm): TSN Dojo kyu grading and special class by Dr. Leong Sensei.


6th-7th June 2015: Miyamoto Shihan Seminar at Melaka. Registration is open now until 17th May 2015. Please submit your name and payment early and we will arrange the logistics.

Thank you.


JM Pang